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Several Indian dishes offer you some most sumptuous flavors, which you will hardly find in any other recipe. Here at Bombay Cafe, we are going to bring some of such delicious Indian foods. So, let’s begin with our menu. You can start your meal with some of our Meat or Vegetarian Starters which will surely help you in getting going. We have some Main Curry Dishes to accompany you with your main course with options like Palak Paneer, Butter Chicken, Chef's Special Mix Veg Curry, etc. These would surely let you cherish the memory of the authentic Indian spices. Along with these curry dishes, you can try our Rice Dishes or Bread options like Fried Pilau Rice, Garlic & Coriander Naan, etc. Our restaurant also has some Burgers, Wraps, Chips, etc., which may attract you if you like to have some fast-foods. Having all these reasons to choose us, why late to be a part of our journey? Reach us soon.



About Bombay Cafe menu

As a restaurant, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and hence we try our best to offer our guests some unique dishes every time they visit our restaurant. We believe, in any restaurant business, to survive and overcome with the competition, uniqueness is the key; hence we always focus on that. This is the reason we get numerous visitors to our restaurant, and the number keeps on building. We offer you both the pick-up and home delivery services; hence, if you want, you can order from us online by using our app, which you can download from Google Play or Apple App Store. Once your booking is confirmed, we will ensure that it is promptly delivered to your location. Our restaurant values every customer we have, and we would certainly like you to be a part of our esteemed client pool. So, visit us to make a memorable day.


Bombay Cafe restaurant

Our location is at 21 Abbey St, Derby DE22 3SJ. This place is famous for its convenience. This area hardly faces any traffic congestion, and hence it won’t take much of your time to reach here. All kinds of public transport pass through this place, which is why no matter whichever part of the city you are coming from, you can reach us easily. However, if you still face problems finding our location, you can use our app loaded with GPS to help you with navigation. We cordially welcome you to our restaurant, so reach us to have some wonderful time.